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Truma Aventa Compact


The lightest and quietest roof-mounted camping air conditioner in its class. 

The Aventa compact offers a range of benefits beneath its compact housing. It is light, quiet and powerful. This is thanks to the use of advanced materials and the constant development of previous Truma roof-mounted  air conditioners, Truma’s development engineers have been able to reduce the compressor noise to a minimum.

Truma Aventa comfort  

Cools your vehicle to a pleasant temperature within a very short time. The air is also cleaned and dehumidified to ensure a pleasant indoor climate even with minor differences between the inside and outside temperature.

But the powerful roof-mounted air conditioning system can do even more: it can also be used as a heater. Thanks to the integrated heat pump, you can heat your motor home  or caravan especially on cooler days in spring and autumn.  And it’s extremely energy-saving.






Saphir compact

Saphir compact is a storage compartment air conditioning system that is especially well-suited for small to medium-sized caravans and motor homes.

The system not only cools the air, but also dehumidifies and cleans it. For this purpose, there are fluff and particle filters on the front of the device. The air conditioning system is lightweight, extremely compact and very economical to run.